This week

I also join a social network desalinated for learning call "italki" It's like babbel but free!! :D It's so cool, I've been writing some letters in french and also in english I need to practice, and the receptors correct my grammar and I correct them in their spanish!!

Great tool for practice.

This week I download "L'histoire d'Aladdin" from http://www.litteratureaudio.com/ and Download it to my blackberry and I've been listening to it, It's also great, my french teacher congratulate me saying that I have gone al lot better yeih!


First Steps…Premières étapes

Before anything, learn as much as you can about the language. In this case, it's easier to have a gramatical idea of french starting from spanish, because both are romantic languages

What I first did was hearing some music, my favorite site is www.deezer.com totally free and they have great artist. If you have an iPhone or iPod you can download the app. Someone stole my iPod 3 weeks ago :( If you don't have an iPod and have a Blackberry I found an app call "radio france" it also works. What I'm doing is finding good artist in deezer and then download the music from youtube, I use this adress http://www.video2mp3.net/ so It's pretty cool, you can download the music to your mp3 player.

I also found some audiobooks in http://www.litteratureaudio.com/ I started with children books.

And of course to all the TV addicts the best you can do is find some movies in french (Still looking for) for me it's a better choice to rent them.

That's all for this night,

I'm back

Hello everybody I'm back, I just defend my thesis project and I got a 9.8 :D yeih!! So now It's time for the next step in my life, have 4 languages before I'm 25…and I'm turning 24 this sunday so It makes it a little bit more interesting.

Spanish…birth language check
English…I need to write more…a lot more
French… Learning as much as I can
Italian…Not yet.

So, I just sign in for an Au Pair program, Cultural interchange, and this is the next step in my life. So I'll be changing the view of my blog…again, but this time I'll be saving the old archives. Basically I'l be posting everything I'm learning in french and of course always everything interesting about marketing world.

So…Let's start